Rep David Adkins Military

Being a veteran himself, serving in the United States Air Force, Representative Adkins has a deep respect for the military and the sacrifices that the men and women of the armed forces have made for their country. He believes that they should be honored and have easy access to the benefits that they have earned.
He wants to make New Mexico the most veteran friendly state in the United States, both as a recognition of veterans’ service to the country and to encourage veterans to relocate or retire to New Mexico.

For the past two legislative sessions, Representative Adkins has carried a bill to give retired military the ability to pay no state income taxes on their military retirement. He will continue to carry this bill until it becomes law.

In 2016, he carried the Veterans Cemetery Fund bill, which will allow residents to designate a portion of their state income tax refund to the veterans’ state cemetery fund, to allow for care of our veterans final resting places.

Representative Adkins carried SB153 in the House, a bill originated from Senator Brandt, which directs the New Mexico Higher Education Department to establish consistent policies for granting college credit to military members based on their training.

Veteran Bills Carried:

HB302 & SB16 State income tax deduction for retired military

HB185 Veterans Cemetery Fund – Passed

SB153 College credit for military training – Passed

*Adkins carried this bill in the House for Senator Brandt