Rep.-Elects To File Legislation Toughening Penalties For Possessing Child Pornography

Santa Fe, NM – Representative-elects Randy Crowder and David Adkins announced today that they plan to file legislation that will toughen penalties for possessing child pornography. Currently, offenders are charged with just one count of possession of child pornography even if they have dozens of images.

“We need to clarify the law if we want to get tough on predators in possession of child pornography,” said Crowder, of Clovis. “I call on my colleagues to join me in protecting New Mexico’s children.”

The courts have said that current law fails to define what constitutes one count of child pornography. This legislation would make it clear that every image in possession is an additional count. For example, if authorities find 12 images of child porn, the offender can be charged with 12 counts of possession of child pornography.

The way the law is currently interpreted, the punishment for possessing, distributing or manufacturing child pornography is relatively minor. By clarifying the law, there will be greater accountability and justice to the offenders.

“I support this legislation because we need to make sure that criminals are held accountable – especially when they are harming our children,” said Adkins, of Albuquerque.