Rep. David Adkins Files Legislation to Reform NM Bail System

Resolution would allow judges to keep violent criminals in jail pending trial


Santa Fe, NM – Rep. David Adkins filed a proposal to reform New Mexico’s bail bond system.  House Joint Resolution (HJR) 13 would amend the New Mexico State Constitution to allow judges to keep extremely dangerous and violent criminals in jail prior to trial by denying them bail.  The measure specifically targets defendants who pose a clear threat to the public and cannot be safely released under any conditions.


“Our current system ties the hands of our judges.  Judges don’t have the discretion to deny bail to defendants who are known criminal threats,” Adkins said.  “This proposed amendment would enable judges to protect the public by keeping these people in jail and off the street.”


The resolution would target offenders like Joseph Jaramillo, an Albuquerque criminal with a lengthy criminal history who was killed after stealing a truck and ramming the squad car of a Bernalillo County Sheriff’s deputy.  Jaramillo had previously been charged with aggravated assault and was out on bail at the time of the incident.


HJR 13 has wide bipartisan support. Democrat Rep. Patricio Ruiloba is a co-sponsor of the measure, and 42 representatives have also signed their names onto the resolution.  If HJR 13 is passed, the proposed amendment would be put on the ballot for New Mexico voters to approve.


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