Public Safety


Representative Adkins believes that keeping the families of New Mexico safe is a top priority. That is why he fought for increasing penalties for criminals. He also helped with getting the New Mexico Supreme Court to change the 10 day rule that mandated dismissing cases if discovery did not happen within 10 days. The rule was imposed to get cases through the courts faster and ease jail overcrowding, but also had the effect of releasing potentially dangerous individuals back into the community.

This past session, Representative Adkins also carried a constitutional amendment to allow judges the right to deny bail to dangerous criminals. His bill HJR13 was similar to another Senate bill SJR1 and after much negotiating, he joined with the sponsor of the Senate bill to help move it through the House of Representatives. The constitutional amendment will be on the ballot in November 2016 for the voters of New Mexico to vote on. Read more about his views on revising the judicial standards on bail here.

As a former firefighter, he understands the needs of fire departments and of law enforcement. He provided $88,000 in capital outlay funds for city and county firefighting vehicles in his first term, as well as $25,000 for a new vehicle for the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department.

Public Safety Bills Carried:

HJR13 Denial of Bail to certain defendants