Representative Adkins is a proven job creator who employs over 200 people in his businesses in the Albuquerque area. He believes that government doesn’t create jobs, but it does create an environment that can either positively or negatively affect businesses. He fights against government overreach into small businesses as his rating and endorsements can attest to.

Association of Commerce and Industry – 100%

New Mexico Business Coalition – 96%

National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB) – Endorsed

He is a proponent of developing the Paseo del Volcan corridor, as completion of the roadway will allow manufacturing companies to build in the area, adding jobs to the Albuquerque area. He provided $275,000 in capital outlay funds to further the Paseo del Volcan work.

In the 2016 legislative session, he proposed a gross receipts tax deduction for retail sale of goods or food at restaurants on the first Saturday after Thanksgiving for sellers whose last five years of sales averaged less than $2 million. Similar to the tax-free holiday in early August, this bill would have encouraged shoppers to patronize small, local establishments for tax-free savings.

Representative Adkins encourages business owners to share ideas and concerns with him. To do so, call his number on this website or send in a comment on the contact form. He believes that when we create a more business-friendly environment, all New Mexicans will prosper.

Job Bills Carried:

HB34 Small Business Saturday

HM32 Paseo del Volcan Importance – Passed

HB33 Approval of certain project by law – Passed